TRS Recruitment Services for Employers

IT Recruitment is a costly and time consuming process – whether you are looking for permanent, contract or casual staff the costs of the recruitment process are further reaching than you may realise. 

There are the obvious costs associated with recruitment, but there is also the hidden cost to your business.  Recruitment takes you away from what is truly important to you – growing your business.

By allowing Targeted Resourcing Solutions to look after the recruitment process for you, you can concentrate on core business.

We offer 3 main services which can be tailored to meet your specific needs: 

Contractor placement

This is our specialist recruitment service whereby we source, screen and present high quality candidates to you. 

Once a placement is agreed Contractors are engaged by TRS and placed at your site to perform IT Consultancy Services.

As the contractor is engaged through TRS, they are seen as independent contractors.

Targeted Resourcing Solutions provides all IT Contractors with full insurance cover including Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and WorkCover.

Permanent placements

Once we have a full understanding of your requirement we will use our extensive experience to run the entire recruitment campaign for you.

This includes all basic on-line advertising costs and initial candidate screening and vetting.  If required we can also invigilate and supervise any formal tests that you require the candidates to complete.

We will also run reference checks on potential candidates prior to submitting them to you.

By engaging TRS you will be able to concentrate on your core business while we do all the legwork to find you the best candidates.

Contractor representation

So you’ve found an IT Contractor – maybe from a direct application or by word of mouth.  What do you do with them now?

We can help.  We can take your direct contractors onto our books and engage them as Independent Contractors.  We take on all costs associated with payroll and provide the IT Contractors with full insurance cover including Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and WorkCover.

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